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3.4.2. TOOLS for Revit

SIGNAX TOOLS for Revit FREE and PRO are compatible with Autodesk Revit 2019-2023.

SIGNAX TOOLS for Revit allows you to:

- Perform model checks for parameter completeness and automatically create collision check rules;
- Automate your BIM model coordination works with Autoprocessing feature (Export IFC, NWC, save Revit Server to local storage, Classification process)
- Calculate selected elements volume/length and quantity in 1-click
- Perform BIM model element classification based on Family Types and bulk Excel rules
- Collaborate with project stakeholders using BCF issue open format

Elements processed with the SIGNAX TOOLS contain the necessary parameters for further work with the construction model in SIGNAX for Navisworks and SIGNAX DASHBOARD module.

This plugin suits BIM engineers (Modelers, Coordinators, Managers), field engineers (QA/QC engineers, Scope engineers, Construction Inspectors), and Project Managers.

SIGNAX TOOLS FREE is a free plugin for Revit that provides unlimited time access.