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SIGNAX TOOLS FREE and PRO for design and construction phase activities.
SIGNAX TOOLS is installed on top of Autodesk Navisworks Manage and Revit 2019-2023 versions.

SIGNAX TOOLS for Revit allows you to:
-Perform model audits for parameter completeness
-Automate your model coordination works with Autoprocessing feature (Export IFC, NWC, Revit Server to local storage, Classification)
-Calculate selected elements volume/length and quantity in 1-click
-Collaborate using BCF issue open format.

SIGNAX TOOLS for Navisworks allows you to:
-Specify completion dates and color-codes based on acceptance dates
-Perform model audits for parameter completeness and automatically create collision check rules
-Obtain total volume, area, length, weight, and quantity in 1-click
-Create search sets based on Excel rules or classifier in .txt format
-Export completed works Invoice to Excel and PDF
-Attach links, documents, and remarks from SIGNAX DOCS and ACC DOCS to model elements.